Friday, January 4, 2008

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Today is the feast day of Mother Seton, founder of the Sisters of Charity of New York, of which I am blessed to be an associate member. I have loved Mother Seton since I was a child and have visited her shrine in Emmitsburg, MD, often. She was a courageous woman who responded to God’s call to her and started the first congregation of religious women in America and began the Catholic school system in this country. Her faith was so strong. I love the way she told her 19th century Sisters to “meet your grace” and to “keep to what you believe to be the grace of the moment . . do your best . . and leave the rest to our dear God.” Those are words for us to live by today. I am happy to be one of her spiritual daughters. Google her to read more about her and visit to learn more about the Sisters.

I leave you with this quote from Mother Seton: “God who sits above smiles at the anxious, calculating heart, and makes everything easy to the simple and confiding.”

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