Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mary Sheeran Sings Through the Years

I’m so proud of my friend Mary Sheeran. She’s just released this fabulous new CD of Songbook and Broadway favorites.

From her soulful interpretation of “With Every Breath,” her wistful pairing of “Begin the Beguine” with “Dancing in the Dark,” her ultra romantic “My Heart Stood Still” and playful “Dolphins’ Song” (about the sex lives of these charming creatures) and “The Complete Works” (a singing of the titles of all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays), she proves that a classically trained singer can bring out the best in popular music as well.

Not only is the singing professional, so is the lovely packaging she has created. The cover reminds me of one of those atmospheric photos that graced so many Windham Hill recordings in the 1980s. It features a tricycle partially buried in the snow beside a large tree; Mary tells me this was her backyard. Inside she offers photos of herself in younger days and her parents, perfect for an album called “Through the Years,” one that ends with that beautiful song written by Vincent Youmans and Edward Heyman.

Accompanying Mary on piano is Michika Ishikawa, the talented jazz musician who is a real crowd-pleaser at Mary’s live performances.

I’ve been enjoying Mary’s cabaret shows for years. I’m glad she’s recorded this CD so I now can listen to her whenever I want!

To order your own copy, write to Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Lung Cancer Alliance.

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