Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Struggles and Triumphs: Retelling the Stories of Historical Women

Pleasant Word has released a new novel, Struggles and Triumphs, by Cynthia L. Simmons. Simmons, a former nurse and homeschooling mother of five, shares her passion for history and for the women who helped shape history. While visiting the Smithsonian Museum one year, Simmons was particularly interested in an exhibit detailing the impact of women on politics. After researching a number of possibilities, Simmons settled on nine particular individuals.

Struggles and Triumphs offers a glimpse into the lives of nine prominent women from history — many have faith, several don’t; all experience fears, expectations, challenges, dangers, oppression, and grief. Those who know Christ find their way through heartache with God’s help and guidance. Follow the stories of these nine remarkable women from the past — some who overcame insurmountable odds by putting their faith and trust in God:

• Katie Luther, wife of Martin Luther
• Susannah Thompson, later Mrs. C.H. Spurgeon
• Princess Alice, daughter of Queen Victoria
• Queen Kateryn, wife of Henry VIII of England
• Louise, Duchess of Coburg
• Caroline Bauer, wife of Prince Leopold
• Ellen McCallie, wife of Thomas Hooke McCallie
• Princess Vicky, daughter of Queen Victoria
• Catherine, Duchess of Suffolk

“Each of the [women in my book] had something that made me feel a connection with them,” Simmons says. “For instance, I particularly liked Princess Alice, daughter of Queen Victoria, because she was a nurse. She had some serious questions about her faith and found answers.”

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Vonda said...

Thanks for sharing the information about Struggles and Triumphs. I've read the book and really enjoyed history as told through the voices of these women. I was encouraged and challenged by their stories. Bless you for sharing it with your readers!
Vonda Skelton