Sunday, January 25, 2009


“Service is the act of doing what you love for the sake of loving it. This is the highest work you can do in the world. Service is the divine multiplier. When you perform an act of genuine service, giving of your time, energy and resources as an act of love, the universe will multiply what you do and reward you with greater results than expected. . . When you trust yourself and the universe enough to give yourself over to the passion of what you love, you are serving humanity and the Divine.

“. . . when you give yourself over to acts of love, passionately spending your time giving of yourself, you are never at a loss or lack for the things that you need. . . Service keeps you alive and well.

“There is also a big chance that the passion you exude will attract someone’s attention and you will be moved, advanced. promoted to a position in which you can provide a greater service.

“. . . you are making a valuable contribution to yourself. Shift your focus from money to love. When you have love, you want to give of yourself. When you give of yourself for the sake of love, the impersonal, immutable, perfect laws of the universe demand that you must be rewarded tenfold. Stop worrying about survival! You have survived! You will survive! . . . Do not compare yourself or what you do in love to what anyone else is doing. . . You must love your divine self enough to know that everything you do must be an act of love.”

from One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant

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