Friday, August 28, 2009

New from Carlos Martinez

The dressing room is the place where I take humour seriously,
where fear teaches me to push the boundaries of silence,
where the intimacy of the mirror speaks to me quietly,
where I remember my childhood dreams to work as an actor.

It is where I convince my voice to allow my body to speak,
where I go over the script of my movements and gestures,
where I tune my technique to make it all seem so natural,
where I put on my makeup to tell stories that ring true.

Carlos Martínez

With emotion, expression, and movement, Carlos Martínez crafts silent stories. However, after each performance, the mime removes his makeup on stage in order to recover his voice and engage in a verbal dialogue with the people in the theatre.

Now, for the first time, Carlos Martínez takes his audience backstage and transforms his world of gestures into letters and words in his book Ungeschminkte Weisheiten. The fullness of human nature, with its ups and downs, combines easily with anecdotes from the dressing room of life. As an avid observer of the quotidian, the book brings a few chuckles, many smiles and space for reflection.

The following link gives a preview of the first 15 pages of the book:

Initially Ungeschminkte Weisheiten is published only in German. However, Spanish and English versions are in the pre-production stages. We will keep you updated about further releases.

Ungeschminkte Weisheiten – From the Dressing Room of Life
Hard cover - 128 pages
Foreword by Andreas Malessa

Over 40 full-colour photos

ISBN: 978-3-7615-5729-7

Shop price: 12,90 EUR (DE), 23,40 CHF (CH)

Available 01st of September 2009 in German language bookshops or from the following online shop:

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