Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Changing World

Simon Green brings his countryman Noel Coward to life in his new CD, A Changing World, which features the artist’s great songs as well as his words of wisdom on love, patriotism and other matters. The quotes, which are effective because they are not overdone, help paint such a full portrait that listening is like spending time with Coward, and enjoying every minute.

From the beginning with songs of “pride and grace” that celebrate England, to the finish with the tender “Come the Wild, Wild Weather,” Green and his superb accompanist, David Shrubsole, transport us to an era of sophistication and wit. And it’s a delightful journey!

Green comes to cabaret from a musical theatre background and that experience can be heard in how he conveys the story and sentiment of each song. He has chosen an interesting mix, from the romantic to the risqué to the oh, so humorous. The complete list is:

1.) There Have Been Songs in England/You Were There
2.) Couldn’t We Keep on Dancing?
3.) Where Are the Songs We Sung?/A Room With a View/I’ll Follow My Secret Heart
4.) What’s Going to Happen to the Tots?
5.) Time and Again/Wait a Bit Joe
6.) On Leaving England for the First Time/London Pride/I Travel Alone/Sail Away
7.) Three Theatrical Dames
8.) Why Must the Show Go On?
9.) Twentieth Century Blues
10.) I’m Old Fashioned/Let’s Do It
11.) Alice Is at It Again
12.) I’ll See You Again/This Is a Changing World
13.) Someday I’ll Find You
14.) Come the Wild, Wild Weather

The CD was inspired by Green’s popular Coward show last year at 59E59 Theaters. I’m hoping a similar recording will come out of the show he did there this past holiday season, Simon Green Traveling Light. That was a joy, as is “A Changing World.” I highly recommend it.

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