Monday, April 6, 2015

Your Self-Sabotage Survival Guide

From the Producer of the PhilHallmonics
Songs For A New Chapter
Kicking off the launch of best-selling author Karen Berg’s newest book, YOUR SELF SABOTAGE SURVIVAL GUIDE, the evening will feature veterans of Broadway theater and Fortune 500 business sharing their stories of reinvention. “Open A New Window” is a tapestry of toe-tapping music and inspirational tales woven together with some of Berg’s best from her more than three decades as an author and motivational speaker. 
The evening includes performances from Emmy and Tony nominee Ron Raines, Broadway conductor and musical director Phil Hall, and Phong Vu, CEO, of Six Sigma Management Institute, James Gerth, Kevin B McGlynn,  Linda Moshier, John DiBartolo and Karen Berg
“YOUR SELF SABOTAGE SURVIVAL GUIDE: How To Go From Why Me to Why Not?” empowers people of all ages to overcome their obstacles, reinvent themselves, and finally claim the success that's always seemed just out of reach.
Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center (111 Amsterdam Avenue-64th & 65th Sts.)
Admission is free.

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