Thursday, June 7, 2007

Now or Never

I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Michelle LeBlanc sing live, but she tells me she’s training with Mary Cleere Haran in preparation for a New York City performance. I am looking forward to that as yet unscheduled evening. I’ve played this CD so much I would have worn it out if it was in the old form of a cassette. Thank heavens CDs are sturdy.

Michelle’s voice is smooth and sensuous, transporting me to a dark, intimate nightspot as she interprets these classic jazz songs. She’s backed up with four fabulous musicians -- Phil Forbes (7 string guitar), Gerry Fitzgerald (drums), Ed Xiques (saxophone, flutes, clarinets) and Kevin Callaghan (bass).

I absolutely love the playful way she sings “Exactly Like You,” the Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh song. “Autumn Leaves” is sexy as she sings it in French and “Old Country” has a haunting, latin feel.
When Michelle does live shows she also weaves in jazz history and anecdotes, which should be fascinating. Set your NYC date soon, Michelle!

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