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“A singer's sexuality shouldn't matter, and I suspect in a hundred years or so, it won't.  But, in the fifties and sixties, the color of one's skin also shouldn't have mattered, but it did.  It mattered mightily -- particular in America. 
What I/we were certain of when we decided to make the passage CD is that people would be moved by the depth of feeling we all had for God, and the songs we chose to sing.  And eventually the energy of passage evolved into a play with music that I wrote called “Matthew Passion,” which featured a singing Greek chorus modeled after passage.” (For more about this, see my March 18 posting.)
This need for acceptance isn’t limited to the gay community. We all feel it, especially anyone who has faced family rejection for other reasons or who works in demanding careers like the performing arts and journalism with all their rejection. That is why the words spoken before the final song, “Remember Me,” are so healing. The first couple times I heard them, they sent tears streaming down my face:
“When we get to heaven I believe God will say, ‘My beloved child, you are most welcome. Thank you for remembering me during the beautiful life you lived. . . Thank you for keeping the faith when you were made to feel you were not entitled to my grace. You knew better . . Thank you for making the world a better place for your loving presence in it. . . Thank you for sharing your gifts, wisdom and talents tirelessly with others. . . Thank you for the beauty, the grace, the humanity and goodwill you added to the world during your time in it. . ‘.”
Listening to those words reminds me of God’s love and acceptance. What a blessing it is to be able to listen whenever my soul needs a lift.

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David Plunkett said...

Retta, thank you for sharing your thoughts, and Phil's comments, about passage. I first learned of them when they presented a concert at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas. Their music blessed our congregation in remarkable ways. Their CD is a favorite in my collection, and "Testify to Love" can always brighten my mood! Moreover, Andy, Phil and Jonathan continue to bless me with their friendship. The are true men of God who willingly and graciously share their God-given gifts. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.