Thursday, February 7, 2008

Christine Pedi

Christine Pedi is a terrific mimic. All her years with “Forbidden Broadway” have shaped her into an accomplished comedienne, singer and satirist. “Great Dames,” recorded live at the the Metropolitan Room, is her hilarious take on songs made famous by, inspired by, or about great ladies of the stage and screen.

You have just got to hear her as Patti LuPone singing “Just You Wait Henry Higgins.” You would swear it’s Patti singing, that is if you can imagine Patti as Eliza Doolittle.

And then there’s her version of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miz”:

“There was a time when shows were fun
and used bright lighting
and the shows weren’t so long
and the songs weren’t so biting.
There was a time, then it all went wrong.

I dreamed a show in days gone by
where pathos wasn’t overstated.
I didn’t sing one song then die.
I didn’t act so constipated,
but now that misery’s in style,
it’s artistic if you suffer,
so they tore my dress apart
and the chorus girls walk lame.”

I was fortunate to hear Christine perform a selection from the CD at the National Arts Club last week where she did Barbra Streisand singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” complete with Barbra’s gesturing, posturing and dragging the song out sooo long. It was a riot. The CD doesn’t allow you all those visual quirks of the great ladies, but Christine’s vocal renditions give you a full enough picture. She’s a hoot.

Christine has just been named winner of the 2008 Nightlife Award, judged by New York critics. For more on Christine, visit

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