Friday, February 8, 2008

Faith and haste

“They that believeth can live for today a life unhampered by the claims of tomorrow because they are living for the forever. They will not be afraid of missing anything really worth having. They will not clutch with too eager hands at life as it seems to be rushing past them, for their faith will teach them -- the Christ will teach them -- that life is not something that rushes past us and might be grasped at or missed, but something that dwells in us, and the true name of it is the peace of God through Jesus Christ the Saviour and the lover of souls. . . They shall know that they have time in which to do their best because the highest faith of their soul, the deepest desire of their heart, the most real significance of their daily toil, goes on for ever into the eternity of God.”
--Percy C. Ainsworth

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