Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kristin Chenoweth’s Memoir

I was thrilled to learn that Tony Award-winner Kristin Chenoweth, who is part of the new ABC series "Pushing Daisies," is writing her autobiography, to be published by Simon & Schuster next April. I’ve been thinking for a long time that someone should write her life story; I figured Kristin would be too busy.

I first met Kristin six and a half years ago when I interviewed her for my book Working on the Inside: The Spiritual Life Through the Eyes of Actors. She had so much to share she ended up in six of the 10 chapters. As a journalist I recognized a fascinating life and knew hers would make a great book.

Publishers Weekly describes the memoir as "a candid account of the Oklahoma-born actress's life, from her adoption shortly after birth to her Tony-nominated turn in Wicked to her work in Hollywood. Chenoweth will address the challenges she's faced in balancing her faith, family, private life and public persona."

This is one book I definitely will be reading!

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