Friday, April 18, 2008

Xanadu CD

The goodies have begun to arrive! A package from “The Xanadu Family” was waiting at my door when I came home Monday. Inside was a huge glossy souvenir book of the show and the cast recording. The book I’ll donate to the Performing Arts Library, but the music is fun. I put it right on and was dancing around my apartment.

This is an especially good time to be a theatre critic because we’re coming into voting season and producers shower us with reminders of their shows. This practice will pick up even more after our nominations are announced April 28 at the Friars Club. I love checking my mailbox at this time of year, or seeing what is in front of my door. I learned years ago not to go right out and buy a cast recording after seeing a show I love. I wait to see if a copy arrives with the spring flow.

It’s always fun to be courted!

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