Friday, June 11, 2010

All Kristin all the time

So glad to hear Kristin Chenoweth has been written into season two of "Glee." I really enjoyed her appearance in season one as April, a boozy, down-on-her-luck singer who returned to her old high school to sing -- and dance! -- with the glee club.

That quirky little show has grown on me. I've gotten volume one of season one out of the library twice and watched all of it both times. I'm looking forward to the release of the rest so I can catch up. It's not as addictive as "Ugly Betty" -- which my friend Mary likened to crack after I lent her my copy of season one -- but it's a lot of fun.

And, oh, isn't Matthew Morrison hot? I met him a couple of years ago at our Drama Desk cocktail party for nominees. What a cutie!

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