Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent reflection -- Dec. 15

This is today’s reflection from “How Far Is It to Bethlehem?” A Spiritual Guide for Advent 2010 by Sr. Carol Perry, S.U. for Marble Collegiate Church.

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Israel always saw itself in the humanly improbable situation of having a God who cared about the least among the people. Everyone connected with the Advent journey is part of the same concern. Elizabeth and Zechariah, maligned by their neighbors for their childlessness, have now found their own joy in the promised birth of John. Each such touch of God readies the receiver for more to come. God’s plans are so rarely the ones that human beings formulate.

Let us pray for the courage to think against the tide of popular opinion. Since God does not act according to the polls, we have to pray ourselves into His mind.

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