Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Prayer for the Season of Giving

This prayer from Charlene Ann Baumbich appeared in Guideposts magazine.

Dear Lord,

Save me from making a mockery out of Your great love and sacrifice for me. Cause Your Word to vibrate in my heart when I forget why we call this "Christmas".

Help my spirit of giving be filled with Your spirit of mercy and love for my family and friends. Stop me from judging strangers on trains and street corners, with their own stresses.

Save me from greed and commercialism—and from the sin of ever seeing any of Your precious children as simply one more person to buy for, then cross off my list.

Empower me to recognize what doesn't need to be done, and give me the good grace to let go of it. Help me remember as I shop and wrap that You are watching me make the choices.

When I encounter a crabby salesperson or cranky child, may Your light shine through my responses. When I look in the mirror and see my own frazzled self, may I remember to look to You, from whom my strength and refreshment comes.

Help me remember what You have already done in my life, for it is in studying Your sovereignty, not in buying worldly possessions, that I will find peace and joy and truth.

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