Monday, March 21, 2011

My birthday numerology report

Just received my free birthday numerology report from the Rev. Craig Wright who I listen to each morning online on WEAA, 88.9 FM in Baltimore. He says I am a old soul who has been here many, many times. I have come back now to help uplift the planet.

My numbers indicate that I should work in the arts and communication, which I do, and that I have the ability to manifest through visualization, which is just what my hero Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote about so often.

My birthday also indicates the liberator vibration, that I am to offer advice and council to help set the captives free, especially young people. It is time for me to take on a leadership role by either being self-employed or pioneering an new concept that will help people gain their path. This is why I have been manifested at this time, I’ve come to bring new ideas and create something that has never been done before.

This is fascinating because this man knew nothing about me but this is so exactly what is happening in my life now, something I want to propose when I go an a second interview for work I want to do that is pioneering and will liberate/help young people. And I have been visualizing myself doing this work since my interview last month.

Last week I was meeting with one of the priests at my church who has been offering me council and prayer during this difficult time of looking for work and living off of savings and when I mentioned to her what I was planning to propose for my second interview she got really excited and said, “This is your calling.” My numbers would certainly seem to back that up.

Listen to the Rev. Wright’s daily numerology report every morning on WEAA and visit his web site for more information about this fascinating science --

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