Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wise Man of Nyokodo

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share the YouTube link to a video of excerpts from our recent production of The Wise Man of Nyokodo which I wrote, directed, and acted in. (Click here for video)

The Wise Man of Nyokodo is a Japanese style Noh Play in English. It is based on an imagined meeting in the rebuilt Nagasaki Cathedral between the Japanese Catholic peace activist, Dr. Takashi Nagai, and the pilot of the Bockscar, Charles Sweeney, years after the dropping of the Bomb. The performance features professional NYC theater and film actor, Yoshiro Kono; traditional Noh choreography by Sachiyo Ito; Butoh choreography and performance by Fordham Theater Professor, Dawn Saito; and original music composed and performed by the Japanese music ensemble, Wafoo.

If you or folks you know are interested in hosting a performance of The Wise Man of Nyokodo, please contact me at or at (917) 969-8698.

Many Thanks,
Casey Groves  

“Through The Wise Man of Nyokodo, I hope many people can deepen general understanding of the brutality of war and the inhumanity of nuclear weapons and work to realize a world free of nuclear weapons.”
 -Tomihisa Taue

(Photo, by Lauren Yarger, of Casey Groves and Karen Lehman, executive director of the Episcopal Actors' Guild.)

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