Thursday, February 7, 2013


Just heard this from Sr. Carol Perry. The sisters in her convent used to take care of their neighbors’ cat when the couple went away. Louis was given his own room and spent most of his time there, indifferent to the nuns. (What animal practices indifference as well as a cat?)

What did bring Louis out, however, was the sound of Bill Clinton’s voice on the television. Whenever that cat heard the President’s voice he made a beeline to the TV.

One night Louis happened to be staying with the sisters when Clinton was giving his State of the Union message. As soon as Louis heard that familiar southern drawl he shot into the TV room and parked himself right in front of the set and sat watching spellbound throughout the speech, which we know was long because Clinton was long-winded.

By this time the sisters had already stopped referring to Louis by his name. They simply called him The Democrat.

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