Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Receive What We Send Out

I heard a story about a man and his small son who were hiking up a mountain. Suddenly the little boy slid about 30 yards down the mountainside, getting caught in some brush.

Unhurt but frightened, he called out, “Somebody, help me!”

A voice called back, “Somebody help me!”

The youngster looked surprised and confused. He asked, “Who are you?”

The boy began to get aggravated. “You’re a coward!” he yelled.

The voice shouted back, “You’re a coward!”

The boy shot back, “You’re a fool.”

The voice repeated, “You’re a fool.”

By then, the boy’s father had reached him and helped extricate his son from the brush. The boy looked up and said, “Dad, who is that?”

The father chuckled and said, “Son that’s called an echo, but it’s also called life.” He said, “Son, let me show you something”.

The dad shouted out, “You’ve got what it takes.”

The voice boomed, “You’ve got what it takes.”

The dad shouted, “You can make it.”

The voice shouted back, “You can make it.”

“Son, that’s exactly how it s in life,” the father explained.

“Whatever you send out always comes back to you.”

Let me ask: What messages are you sending out about yourself?

~Joel Osteen, Success From Home Magazine

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