Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The 7 Joys of Life

I am honored to be one of the 19 contributors from six countries, across four continents, to Brand Management authority Dr. Amit Nagpal’s new book, The 7 Joys of Life, which combines both practical and spiritual wisdom on how to find joy in all aspects of life. My offering is on “The Joy of Arts and Theatre.”

Nagpal makes it clear that self-knowledge in some form or other is essential for living a joyful life.

With a Foreword by Alan Jacobs, a retired professional life coach based in England and author of six books, Nagpal’s likable, easy-to-read, contagiously encouraging book draws on seven major joys of life -- knowing yourself, connecting with self, discovering deepest passion, making decisions with wisdom, relating with people, rejuvenating ourselves and pampering ourselves.

The book starts with a prologue discussing, “What is joy after all?” and ends with an epilogue on the joy of giving and contributing back to society. It is only after creating joy in our own lives that we can spread it around.

Designed to be a holistic guide to living joyfully, the book is not only a life manual in some ways, but also intends to create a paradigm shift in our attitudes. Some of these intended shifts include:
Money is not the only source of joy
Personal Growth can be a source of joy
Primary reason for meditation should not be to reduce stress but to add joy
Pampering oneself need not be accompanied by guilt.

The book also includes major barriers to joy, such as office politics and emotional baggage. One must learn to handle these barriers with the right attitude or they can sap all of one’s energy. The 7 Joys of Life, published by ‘The Publisher’, is targeted for people who may have lost their vision for the future, and who thirst for joy and a sense of fulfillment. It is available through Nagpal’s web site: